20 Must-Have Massive GUI kits

1. Impressionist UI

offers you an opportunity to download not only valuable web elements but also set of 25 icons

2. Media Black UI Kit

satisfies every needs for creating dark website design.

3.  Balio Web UI Kit.

Vivid color palette and bunch of elements make it suitable for any sort of web design projects.

4. Futurico

is a massive giveaway of graphic components with the predominant green color.

5.  Apollo GUI set

is claimed to be the biggest GUI ever, but do not be fooled, free version of the set allows you to use only 70 elements.

6.  Infographic Vector Kit

is an unique and really helpful tool for designers since it includes elements that simplify process of creating infographic.

7. Devisual Media

is another great GUI set for creating dark website design.

8. NEW YouTube UI Kit.

Despite of being developed for YouTube, it definitely provides you with advantageous graphic elements that can be easily implemented in any web project.

9.  Smartik UI

is a bright colorful collection that will goes well with a light designs.

10. Minimo

consists of clean light grey web elements that are suitable for minimalistic designs.

11. Crito UI

delivers a great deal of regular web components that due to its brightness will look good both on dark and light website design.

12. Colorful 3D UI Kit

is a delightful 3D UI set with included hover and pressed states for almost every element.

13. Aresio Web UI Kit

is a bright warm UI set that will add elegance and vividness to any design.

14. Piou UI

draws attention with its unusual color palette.

15. Fresh UI Kit

has a bunch of components in different states.

16.  RetroPixel GUI

draws on retro style, providing users with more than just 70 vintage frequently used components.

17. Vector Infographic Kit

is a high-quality set of vector elements starting with charts and ending with maps.

18. Sketchy Mobile Wireframe Elements

has a really illustrative look, hand-drawn elements make the set the must-have for any artist.

19. Exclusive Stylish User Interface Kit

is a dark set that includes everything ranging from simple buttons to toggles and progress bars in 3 main colours.

20. Anarchy Kit

provides with standard clean and stylish user interface components.