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Spicing up Twitter background – Online Tools

Spicing up Twitter background - Online Tools

1.    Free Twitter Designer:

This tool is extremely useful in creating Twitter backgrounds for free, and they will make you look and feel the same as they have been designed by any professional graphic designer.

Visit Free Twitter Designer:

2.    Twitter Background Checker:

You can change your profile outlook with this background checker, no matter for smaller or superior resolutions.

Visit Twitter Background Checker:

3.    Twitlay:

This tool is useful in generating customized Twitter backgrounds and layouts for free.

Visit Twitlay:

4.    Twilk:

This application will be putting your friend’s face on the layout as a background of your Twitter page.

Visit Twilk:

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Color scheme designer – Online tool

Color scheme designer - Online tool

You can choose between mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic colour combinations. After Colorschemedesigner gives you a scheme, you can adjust it.

Adjustment is available for saturation/brightness and contrast. You can do that manually or choose from the drop-down menu (more, less, min, max contrast, dark saturated, pastel, dark pastel, pale dark pastel, almost greys, almost greys with colour accents and a few more varieties).

You will get colour codes, and you can export the scheme as HTML+CSS, XML, Text, ACO (Photoshop palette) or GPL (GIMP palette).

In real-time, you have a scheme preview. You can also get a preview of the scheme in a dark or light website template to see the colour scheme you make in real action.

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Browser Compatibility Checks – how to do it

Browser Compatibility Checks- how to do it

This somehow leads to a straightforward, however critical query, which are the most frequently used browsers used by visitors. According to statistics, the most frequently used web browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, and now the graph for Google Chrome is picking up gradually. Nevertheless, the figures vary from website to website and are particularly dependent upon the niche as well.

Google Analytics can be used to get a better idea about the demographics from your website’s metrics.
Once you have figured out the most commonly used web browsers, you need to make sure that your website is displaying the contents properly while being compatible with all of them.

However, you cannot install all the commonly used browsers on your system, but you can always make use of such web tools and services that are useful in determining how your website looks with multiple browsers.

You can even run a compatibility test online, and for that, you can make use of numerous services; some of them have been highlighted as under;


It is one of the most popular and freely available cross-platform for checking and testing the compatibility of browsers, particularly for web designers. You can have screenshots of your web design and how it will look with different browsers. This service has a database of the most commonly used browsers therefore, you can easily check for any of them along with Operating system platforms too.

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Doc to PDF – Online Tool

Doc to PDF - Online tool

With free tool you can convert max 2MB Word, PowerPoint , Excell or Publisher document to PDF file. It will compress bitmap images in document to 85% jpg.

Use common fonts in documents you want to convert because Pdfonline does not embed the fonts used in original document in the PDF file. PDFonline will just include descriptions of the Fonts into the PDF output.

Fonts will display well only on computers that have particular fonts installed. If user doesn’t have the right font, the PDF reader software will automatically select the closest font types to use.

Web to PDF part of website is a free service that allows your website visitors to quickly save your webpage as PDF files.

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