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Who Are You and What Do You Do?

Who Are You and What Do You Do?

“Who Are You and What Do You Do?” – Is this possibly the last thought your prospect has right before they leave your website?

Too many websites have identity issues. That is, it’s too hard to figure out what the heck the site does or what sets them apart from the crowd. Simply put, if prospects can’t understand what your business does within a few seconds of arriving on your page, you’ve lost them for good.

Identity issues are more problematic when visitors arrive through certain types of traffic than others. For example, a Google searcher who lands on after searching for an “online bookstore” is much less likely to need assurance about what Amazon does. (even though the homepage does not explicitly say anything about selling books)

On the other hand, suppose a friend forwards a link to another friend with a vague message such as “Check out this site. I think you’ll like it!.” Unless your site clearly identifies your purpose, you’ll never get the full effect of this word of mouth marketing.

So how can you easily explain your business and unique value to first time visitors? Here are 7 easy ways:

Use a 1 line identity slogan near your brand logo: Having a one sentence definition below or beside the brand logo in your site header is priceless. The Recycled Retriever sums up their purpose with the short statement “eco-friendliness for pet lovers.” Fugitive Toys declares itself to be “an urban vinyl toy store.” It may be hard to sum up your business in a few words, but there is tremendous value in these succinct identity statements.

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