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A Paradox of Choice: Prioritizing Web Marketing Tactics

A Paradox of Choice Prioritizing Web Marketing Tactics

With the endless clatter of marketing advice from blogs, consultants, and colleagues, how does the e-business know where to invest their limited resources? I’ve noticed 2 problems with a good portion of internet marketing advice:

It’s biased: If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In other words, the SEO consultant believes that natural search is the key to your growth, while the social media guru says Facebook is the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It’s unprioritized: It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a mega-list of recommendations. I’m a fan of top 10 (or top whatever) lists, but they do have a tendency to produce unprioritzed advice that can easily swamp the small business owner.

With plethora of marketing options (e.g. email, SEO, PPC, social media) competing for your attention, how do you decide how to allocate resources? Here’s some guiding principles: (that are prioritized, of course)

Strategy before Tactics: You need to know where you’re going before you choose the vehicle to get there.

Some marketing vehicles are better than others depending on what you’re doing, and who you’re trying to reach. If you’re shooting for a 55+ audience, twitter probably isn’t the best place to start. If a consultant says you should be doing such and such, first stop to consider whether their recommendations gel with your strategy.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Optimization Testing

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Optimization Testing

WARNING: Website optimization testing is extremely addictive. Sitting behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and seeing the effect of positive change is overwhelmingly rewarding.

So now you’ve committed to testing your website. Where do you start? What do you test? While you’ll ultimately have to answer these questions for yourself, below are 7 Do’s and Don’ts to help guide a successful testing strategy.

Do Test Properly: So you tweaked your homepage and sales shot up 50% from the prior week. Success? Not really. There’s too many moving parts here to consider. Did you run a sale during the same period, or send an email? In order to determine whether a new version of a page outperforms an old one, you must run both pages at the same time under the same conditions, and split test them using software such as Google free website optimizer. Before you advance any further with your testing strategy, get acquainted with

Google’s powerful testing tool.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: In testing & optimization, failure is success. Although you may be disappointed that the new landing page you created underperformed against the old one, had you not tested it, you would have caused unknown damage to your sales.

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Spicing up Twitter background – Online Tools

Spicing up Twitter background - Online Tools

1.    Free Twitter Designer:

This tool is extremely useful in creating Twitter backgrounds for free and they will make you look and feel the same as they have been designed by any professional graphic designers.

Visit Free Twitter Designer :

2.    Twitter Background Checker:

you can change your profiles outlook with this background checker no matter for smaller or superior resolutions.

Visit Twitter Background Checker :

3.    Twitlay:

this tool is useful in generating customized Twitter backgrounds and layouts for free.

Visit Twitlay :

4.    Twilk:

this application will be putting your friend’s face on the layout as a background of your Twitter page.

Visit Twilk :

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