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How Often Should I Post on Social Media for Maximum Engagement?

How Often Should I Post on Social Media for Maximum Engagement?

Hey there, social media mavens and digital marketing enthusiasts! Ready to dive into one of the most frequently asked questions in the social media world? Grab your favorite scheduling tool (or just your trusty smartphone) and let’s explore the art and science of social media posting frequency.

Before we jump in, let me share a quick story. Last year, I worked with a small boutique fitness studio – let’s call it FitFocus. The owner, Sarah, was posting sporadically on social media, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes going silent for weeks. “I feel like I’m shouting into the void,” she told me, frustrated. Fast forward three months, and with a strategic posting schedule, FitFocus had tripled its engagement rates and grown its follower base by 150%. How’d we do it? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.

  1. Understanding the Importance of Posting Frequency

First things first, let’s talk about why posting frequency matters. Your posting schedule can significantly impact your social media success in several ways:

a) Visibility: Regular posting keeps your brand visible in your followers’ feeds.

b) Engagement: Consistent posting provides more opportunities for your audience to interact with your content.

c) Algorithm Favor: Many social media algorithms favor accounts that post regularly.

d) Brand Recall: Frequent posts help keep your brand top-of-mind for your audience.

e) Audience Growth: More posts mean more opportunities for your content to be shared and reach new potential followers.

However, it’s crucial to note that more isn’t always better. Posting too frequently can lead to audience fatigue and decreased engagement. The key is finding the right balance for your brand and audience.

  1. The “Ideal” Posting Frequency: A Moving Target

Now, you might be hoping for a simple answer like “post three times a day on every platform.” Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. The ideal posting frequency can vary based on several factors:

a) Your Industry: Some industries naturally lend themselves to more frequent posting than others.

b) Your Audience: Different audience demographics have different social media habits.

c) The Platform: Each social media platform has its own norms and best practices.

d) Your Resources: How much time and content can you realistically produce?

e) Your Goals: Are you focusing on brand awareness, engagement, or conversions?

For FitFocus, we found that their young, health-conscious audience was most receptive to daily posts on Instagram and Facebook, with 2-3 posts per week on LinkedIn.

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Avoiding Pitfalls: Key Mistakes to Steer Clear of in Social Media Marketing

Avoiding Pitfalls: Key Mistakes to Steer Clear of in Social Media Marketing

Tackling social media marketing can sometimes feel a bit like navigating through London’s foggy streets – a bit mystifying but full of potential if you know the way. Here at Guided Creative, nestled in the bustling heart of St. James’s, we’ve seen a fair share of pitfalls and triumphs. Let’s pull back the curtain and have a candid chat about common blunders in social media marketing and how to avoid them, all based on our first-hand experiences with businesses just like yours.

Not Having a Clear Plan – It’s Like Setting Off Without an A-Z Map

Jumping into social media without a plan is akin to setting off on a journey without an A-Z map. Remember that local bakery around the corner? They came to us with a haphazard posting schedule and saw little in return. Once we got a solid strategy in place, they began to see real engagement blossoming on their platforms.

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Balancing Your Time: How Much Should UK Businesses Invest in Social Media Marketing?

Balancing Your Time: How Much Should UK Businesses Invest in Social Media Marketing?

“Right, let’s talk about time and social media,” you might say, sitting comfortably in your office in the bustling heart of St. James’s, London. As you ponder over your digital marketing strategies, a question often pops up: “How much time should I be spending on social media marketing?” It’s a question we at Guided Creative hear often, and the answer, my friend, is not as straightforward as one might hope. Let’s unravel this together.

Understanding Your Unique Needs

Every business is different, and so are its social media needs. A hip new start-up in the tech sector will have different requirements compared to a well-established law firm. Your goal defines your time investment. Are you looking to build brand awareness, or are you nurturing an already engaged audience?

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3 Steps To Finding Legal Niche Keywords

Legal Niche Keywords

When trying to rank any legal sector business’s website on Google, at the core of the SEO that will be required to improve those rankings are keywords. Whether they are a single word, have two words, or are a long-tail keyword of several words, it is for these keywords that almost all your SEO efforts will be trying to rank the pages of your legal website for.

To explain why that is the case, it will help if we look briefly at how Google operates. Someone arrives on Google and types a search term. Let us use the example of “divorce lawyers in Perth, WA”. In an instant, Google will display several pages of results, called Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs.

What Google strives for with the SERPs they generate is that the web pages on the first page of results are those most likely to be what the person searching is looking for. In this case, it is websites of divorce lawyers located in Perth, Western Australia. The way the owners of those websites convince Google to place them on that first page is SEO.

What SEO will do is optimise website pages so that they are seen as the most relevant and authoritative for specific keywords. The task that often defeats legal website owners is establishing which keywords they should and can rank for on that coveted first page of Google. It is this keyword discovery process that we are about to explain in three simple steps.

Before we do so, we must highlight that effective keyword research requires tools. We are not going to endorse a specific one here, but if you search for “keyword tools” or “keyword research tools” on Google, you will see several that are recommended repeatedly by SEO experts. Trying to do all of this manually will take significantly longer without these tools, and you will struggle to acquire much of the data you need for effective keyword research.

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10 Steps That Will Ensure Your Content Boosts Your SEO

10 Steps That Will Ensure Your Content Boosts Your SEO

When you embark upon an SEO campaign, the SEO company responsible for implementing it will discuss the work with you. The majority of tasks, such as the SEO services, will be undertaken by them in full, but others may involve contributions from you and your team. One task that is often undertaken by those in the business is the creation of content. The reason for this is those within a specific business niche will be far more knowledgeable about it than those working for the SEO company.

Undoubtedly your SEO company will advise you on the most effective ways to create your content, but to give you a head start, here is a 10-step checklist that you can use to ensure your content positively contributes to your entire SEO campaign.

Determine Who Your Audience Is And What Content They Want: Bear in mind you are creating content for those who you hope will visit your website. This is why, before creating content, you must identify your target audience first and what content suits them.

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10 Ways Commercial Storage Can Help A Small Marketing Business

10 Ways Commercial Storage Can Help A Small Marketing Business

For those who own or run a small business we are sure you look for every way in which you can make your business more successful, so have you ever considered how a commercial storage facility could enhance your business? Now, you might be thinking that as your business does not have any stock, a commercial storage unit is of no use, however, even in that scenario, there are solopreneurs using storage units as their office as it is preferable to them than operating from home.

Beyond this example, there are doubtless many business owners reading this who do have inventory and who might be seeking additional ways to help their business, so, in this blog post, we are going to outline ten ways in which renting a secure storage space can do just that.

Increased Space: One of the primary and obvious benefits of commercial storage is the additional space it provides your business for storing excess inventory, equipment, and other supplies. Small businesses often face the challenge of limited space within their own premises, or at home in the case of a home-based business, so renting commercial storage provides a simple and effective solution to this problem.

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Who Is The Top SEO In Perth, WA?

Who Is The Top SEO In Perth, WA

“Who is the top SEO in Perth, WA?” is a question that different people in Perth ask for a variety of reasons. It might be someone who works in SEO and wants to know whose results they should aspire to emulate. It could be a local publication wishing to run a story on the top local SEO experts. However, the most likely group to ask are business owners in Perth looking to hire the best local SEO expert to help them improve their website’s rankings.

For that final group, and others who may ask, all the evidence points towards Peter Brittain, the owner and managing director of SEO Perth Experts and the top SEO in Perth, WA. We will uncover much of the evidence that allows us to come to that conclusion, but first, it will help if we take a look at who Peter Brittain is and why SEO Perth Experts has become the most sought-after SEO agency, not just in Perth, but in other cities in Australia too.

In The Beginning…

Given that Google had only been in operation for a mere three years, it is safe to say that when Peter Brittain started his SEO agency in 2001, he was at the forefront of what was becoming a worldwide industry worth AUD 15 billion per year. That first agency was called SEO Perth Experts, and to this day, it is the foundation upon which Peter has built an impressive digital marketing company that traverses the entire country.

The parent digital marketing agency is called Slinky Digital, and not only does it include some of Australia’s top SEO agencies, but it also offers web design, social media management, website security, and PPC advertising services, to name but a few. Add to that the fact that many of these services are not just available to Perth’s business owners, but Peter Brittain’s Slinky Digital empire also extends to cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Sydney.

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A Paradox of Choice: Prioritizing Web Marketing Tactics

A Paradox of Choice Prioritizing Web Marketing Tactics

With the endless clatter of marketing advice from blogs, consultants, and colleagues, how does the e-business know where to invest its limited resources? I’ve noticed 2 problems with a good portion of internet marketing advice:

It’s biased: If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In other words, the SEO consultant believes that natural search is the key to your growth, while the social media guru says Facebook is the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It’s unprioritized: It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a mega-list of recommendations. I’m a fan of top 10 (or top whatever) lists, but they do have a tendency to produce unprioritzed advice that can easily swamp the small business owner.

With plethora of marketing options (e.g. email, SEO, PPC, social media) competing for your attention, how do you decide how to allocate resources? Here’s some guiding principles: (that are prioritized, of course)

Strategy before Tactics: You need to know where you’re going before you choose the vehicle to get there.

Some marketing vehicles are better than others depending on what you’re doing, and who you’re trying to reach. If you’re shooting for a 55+ audience, twitter probably isn’t the best place to start. If a consultant says you should be doing such and such, first stop to consider whether their recommendations gel with your strategy.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Optimization Testing

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Optimization Testing

WARNING: Website optimization testing is extremely addictive. Sitting behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and seeing the effect of positive change is overwhelmingly rewarding.

So now you’ve committed to testing your website. Where do you start? What do you test? While you’ll ultimately have to answer these questions for yourself, below are 7 Do’s and Don’ts to help guide a successful testing strategy.

Do Test Properly: So you tweaked your homepage, and sales shot up 50% from the prior week. Success? Not really. There are too many moving parts here to consider. Did you run a sale during the same period or send an email? In order to determine whether a new version of a page outperforms an old one, you must run both pages at the same time under the same conditions and split test them using software such as Google free website optimizer. Before you advance any further with your testing strategy, get acquainted with

Google’s powerful testing tool.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: In testing & optimization, failure is a success. Although you may be disappointed that the new landing page you created underperformed against the old one, had you not tested it, you would have caused unknown damage to your sales.

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Spicing up Twitter background – Online Tools

Spicing up Twitter background - Online Tools

1.    Free Twitter Designer:

This tool is extremely useful in creating Twitter backgrounds for free, and they will make you look and feel the same as they have been designed by any professional graphic designer.

Visit Free Twitter Designer:

2.    Twitter Background Checker:

You can change your profile outlook with this background checker, no matter for smaller or superior resolutions.

Visit Twitter Background Checker:

3.    Twitlay:

This tool is useful in generating customized Twitter backgrounds and layouts for free.

Visit Twitlay:

4.    Twilk:

This application will be putting your friend’s face on the layout as a background of your Twitter page.

Visit Twilk:

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