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Who Is The Top SEO In Perth, WA?

Who Is The Top SEO In Perth, WA

“Who is the top SEO in Perth, WA?” is a question that different people in Perth ask for a variety of reasons. It might be someone who works in SEO and wants to know whose results they should aspire to emulate. It could be a local publication wishing to run a story on the top local SEO experts. However, the most likely group to ask are business owners in Perth looking to hire the best local SEO expert to help them improve their website’s rankings.

For that final group, and others who may ask, all the evidence points towards Peter Brittain, the owner and managing director of SEO Perth Experts and the top SEO in Perth, WA. We will uncover much of the evidence that allows us to come to that conclusion, but first, it will help if we take a look at who Peter Brittain is and why SEO Perth Experts has become the most sought-after SEO agency, not just in Perth, but in other cities in Australia too.

In The Beginning…

Given that Google had only been in operation for a mere three years, it is safe to say that when Peter Brittain started his SEO agency in 2001, he was at the forefront of what was becoming a worldwide industry worth AUD 15 billion per year. That first agency was called SEO Perth Experts, and to this day, it is the foundation upon which Peter has built an impressive digital marketing company that traverses the entire country.

The parent digital marketing agency is called Slinky Digital, and not only does it include some of Australia’s top SEO agencies, but it also offers web design, social media management, website security, and PPC advertising services, to name but a few. Add to that the fact that many of these services are not just available to Perth’s business owners, but Peter Brittain’s Slinky Digital empire also extends to cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Sydney.

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