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Flowplayer – Flash Video Player

Play Button Audio Video Media Technology Concept

Flowplayer is very convenient for streaming since it uses advanced streaming technologies such as clustering, bandwidth detection, and secure streaming.

Different servers and technologies are supported, such as HTTP streaming, RTMP streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza and Red5, and pseudostreaming with Apache, ASP, .NET, Nginx and Lighttpd.

Installation, configuration and skinning processes are very well explained in textual and with codes and demo videos examples.

On their website, you will find several tutorials, too. There are tutorials for Encoding videos With Mencoder For Flowplayer, Generating thumbnails from video files with FFMPEG For Flowplayer, Encoding videos With FFMPEG For Flowplayer, Introduction To Streaming Servers, and Playing MPG, AVI and MOV files with Flowplayer.

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