Old school print

Old school print beats digital hands down

Old school print beats digital hands down

Print has staying power.

Marketing professionals have always strived to create something tangible that will have staying power, and nothing else can rival print in this. It’s tangible, physical and real. What now seems like many moons ago, there was a trend around creating ‘sticky’ websites that increase the average time spent on a website. If a website reached the sticky heights of over 5 minutes on site, it had marketing teams jumping for joy*.

Surely this cannot compare with a brochure that can stay around audiences for a significantly longer span of time, often days, weeks or months?

In fact, new research conducted by the DMA into consumers’ attitudes to brands’ printed marketing, called ‘From letterbox to inbox 2013’, found that nearly half those surveyed said they had retained printed items, with 17% saying they did so regularly.

Print is more engaging

We’re all seeking to engage our audiences with our beautifully crafted adverts, blog posts, e-books, free downloads, free tutorials and videos. Print has the power to engage audiences for longer, and according to a Forbes article, “Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material, unlike websites, which are often skimmed in as little as a 15-second visit.”

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