7 Ways To Ensure Your Employees Accept Your Office Relocation Positively

When you are planning an office relocation, many people can help it go smoothly. Apart from yourself, there are your new office landlords who hopefully make your business feel welcome and do all they can to make your move there a success.

Another vital part of your office relocation is the Removalists Perth company you hire, and they play a pivotal role in making the move a success. And finally, there are your employees, for whom the move will make a difference to their working life, and it is true to say not everyone will be 100% positive about that.

Nevertheless, your staff can help to make the transition from your current offices to the new ones a success, before, during and after the day of the move. However, this will not happen by magic, and so here are seven ways you can turn negativity about the relocation into positivity for the benefit of your business.

Seek Employee Opinions And Preferences Before Deciding Where You Relocate: Whilst, as the business owner, the final decision relating to the relocation will be yours, it is certainly worth seeking the opinions, thoughts, and suggestions of your employees before making that decision. If they believe you have taken their thoughts on board, they will regard the relocation more favourably than if you simply dictate what is happening.

Highlight All The Benefits Of The New Location: Once the new office location has been decided, you must make a list of all its benefits. From improved transport links to more office space, and from better internet speeds to the proximity of local coffee shops, they can all add to staff seeing the move as having lots of positives.

Involve Them As Much As Possible Throughout The Planning Stage: No matter what the project, people involved in it always see it in a better light than if they are on the outside looking in. For this to happen, you should ask staff to help you with the planning of the move, and you could even set up a relocation team whose remit includes ensuring staff are taken account of throughout the process.

Ensure You Communicate Fully With Staff And Keep Them Updated On Progress: Another simple but effective way to keep staff on board is to communicate with them throughout the time leading up to the relocation. Staff will more readily understand and accept change, such as office relocation, if they are kept fully informed of its progress.

Destress The Period Around The Move By Reducing Workloads: If it can be done without negatively impacting your business, you should seek ways to lighten the load for your staff, especially around the time that the move is going to take place. They will appreciate it, and as it is a benefit to them that stems directly from the relocation, they may regard it more positively.

Provide Additional Support For Staff During The Relocation: If there is anything you can do to provide additional support to staff during the period of the relocation, even if it is temporary, it will go down well. This can cover a huge range of specifics, but two examples include flexible working hours and subsidised transport.

Treat Them On The Day Of The Move: Not the most breathtaking suggestion, but sometimes simple gestures are the most appreciated. All we suggest is on the day the relocation takes place, for those staff present, treat them to lunch and coffee for the day.