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7 Ways To Ensure Your Employees Accept Your Office Relocation Positively

7 Ways To Ensure Your Employees Accept Your Office Relocation Positively

When you are planning an office relocation, many people can help it go smoothly. Apart from yourself, there are your new office landlords who hopefully make your business feel welcome and do all they can to make your move there a success.

Another vital part of your office relocation is the Removalists Perth company you hire, and they play a pivotal role in making the move a success. And finally, there are your employees, for whom the move will make a difference to their working life, and it is true to say not everyone will be 100% positive about that.

Nevertheless, your staff can help to make the transition from your current offices to the new ones a success, before, during and after the day of the move. However, this will not happen by magic, and so here are seven ways you can turn negativity about the relocation into positivity for the benefit of your business.

Seek Employee Opinions And Preferences Before Deciding Where You Relocate: Whilst, as the business owner, the final decision relating to the relocation will be yours, it is certainly worth seeking the opinions, thoughts, and suggestions of your employees before making that decision. If they believe you have taken their thoughts on board, they will regard the relocation more favourably than if you simply dictate what is happening.

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Who Are You and What Do You Do?

Who Are You and What Do You Do?

“Who Are You and What Do You Do?” – Is this possibly the last thought your prospect has right before they leave your website?

Too many websites have identity issues. That is, it’s too hard to figure out what the heck the site does or what sets them apart from the crowd. Simply put, if prospects can’t understand what your business does within a few seconds of arriving on your page, you’ve lost them for good.

Identity issues are more problematic when visitors arrive through certain types of traffic than others. For example, a Google searcher who lands on after searching for an “online bookstore” is much less likely to need assurance about what Amazon does. (even though the homepage does not explicitly say anything about selling books)

On the other hand, suppose a friend forwards a link to another friend with a vague message such as “Check out this site. I think you’ll like it!.” Unless your site clearly identifies your purpose, you’ll never get the full effect of this word of mouth marketing.

So how can you easily explain your business and unique value to first time visitors? Here are 7 easy ways:

Use a 1 line identity slogan near your brand logo: Having a one sentence definition below or beside the brand logo in your site header is priceless. The Recycled Retriever sums up their purpose with the short statement “eco-friendliness for pet lovers.” Fugitive Toys declares itself to be “an urban vinyl toy store.” It may be hard to sum up your business in a few words, but there is tremendous value in these succinct identity statements.

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7 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Optimization Testing

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Website Optimization Testing

WARNING: Website optimization testing is extremely addictive. Sitting behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and seeing the effect of positive change is overwhelmingly rewarding.

So now you’ve committed to testing your website. Where do you start? What do you test? While you’ll ultimately have to answer these questions for yourself, below are 7 Do’s and Don’ts to help guide a successful testing strategy.

Do Test Properly: So you tweaked your homepage, and sales shot up 50% from the prior week. Success? Not really. There are too many moving parts here to consider. Did you run a sale during the same period or send an email? In order to determine whether a new version of a page outperforms an old one, you must run both pages at the same time under the same conditions and split test them using software such as Google free website optimizer. Before you advance any further with your testing strategy, get acquainted with

Google’s powerful testing tool.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: In testing & optimization, failure is a success. Although you may be disappointed that the new landing page you created underperformed against the old one, had you not tested it, you would have caused unknown damage to your sales.

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Face to face is still vitally important

Face to face is still vitally important

Although we are interacting more online, a recent report (Buyersphere Report 2013) has shown that face-to-face contact is still key when making a B2B purchase.

Whilst it’s important to engage potential clients online through social media channels, the opportunity to build rapport via live interaction should not be overlooked.

The survey, which was conducted with over 500 buyers from the UK, France and Germany who had made a single business purchase of over £20k, also revealed that 1 in 3 B2B buyers attend live exhibitions – which they rated as the single most influential information source to make their purchase decision.

A quarter of buyers in the Buyersphere Report also said that their chosen supplier exhibited at more events or exhibitions than its competitors, which had an impact on their buying decision. So if your company is not exhibiting and your competitors are, you could be missing out on important sales opportunities.


As well as generating leads and sales, exhibitions can also help to increase brand awareness to secure future sales.

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Color scheme designer – Online tool

Color scheme designer - Online tool

You can choose between mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic colour combinations. After Colorschemedesigner gives you a scheme, you can adjust it.

Adjustment is available for saturation/brightness and contrast. You can do that manually or choose from the drop-down menu (more, less, min, max contrast, dark saturated, pastel, dark pastel, pale dark pastel, almost greys, almost greys with colour accents and a few more varieties).

You will get colour codes, and you can export the scheme as HTML+CSS, XML, Text, ACO (Photoshop palette) or GPL (GIMP palette).

In real-time, you have a scheme preview. You can also get a preview of the scheme in a dark or light website template to see the colour scheme you make in real action.

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Flowplayer – Flash Video Player

Play Button Audio Video Media Technology Concept

Flowplayer is very convenient for streaming since it uses advanced streaming technologies such as clustering, bandwidth detection, and secure streaming.

Different servers and technologies are supported, such as HTTP streaming, RTMP streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza and Red5, and pseudostreaming with Apache, ASP, .NET, Nginx and Lighttpd.

Installation, configuration and skinning processes are very well explained in textual and with codes and demo videos examples.

On their website, you will find several tutorials, too. There are tutorials for Encoding videos With Mencoder For Flowplayer, Generating thumbnails from video files with FFMPEG For Flowplayer, Encoding videos With FFMPEG For Flowplayer, Introduction To Streaming Servers, and Playing MPG, AVI and MOV files with Flowplayer.

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Browser Compatibility Checks – how to do it

Browser Compatibility Checks- how to do it

This somehow leads to a straightforward, however critical query, which are the most frequently used browsers used by visitors. According to statistics, the most frequently used web browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, and now the graph for Google Chrome is picking up gradually. Nevertheless, the figures vary from website to website and are particularly dependent upon the niche as well.

Google Analytics can be used to get a better idea about the demographics from your website’s metrics.
Once you have figured out the most commonly used web browsers, you need to make sure that your website is displaying the contents properly while being compatible with all of them.

However, you cannot install all the commonly used browsers on your system, but you can always make use of such web tools and services that are useful in determining how your website looks with multiple browsers.

You can even run a compatibility test online, and for that, you can make use of numerous services; some of them have been highlighted as under;


It is one of the most popular and freely available cross-platform for checking and testing the compatibility of browsers, particularly for web designers. You can have screenshots of your web design and how it will look with different browsers. This service has a database of the most commonly used browsers therefore, you can easily check for any of them along with Operating system platforms too.

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Doc to PDF – Online Tool

Doc to PDF - Online tool

With free tool you can convert max 2MB Word, PowerPoint , Excell or Publisher document to PDF file. It will compress bitmap images in document to 85% jpg.

Use common fonts in documents you want to convert because Pdfonline does not embed the fonts used in original document in the PDF file. PDFonline will just include descriptions of the Fonts into the PDF output.

Fonts will display well only on computers that have particular fonts installed. If user doesn’t have the right font, the PDF reader software will automatically select the closest font types to use.

Web to PDF part of website is a free service that allows your website visitors to quickly save your webpage as PDF files.

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