Bittbox Free Graphic Resource

Jay Hilgert’s is a great resource to designers, particular to web designers. Jay give away the best quality stuff on bittbox to help designers everywhere.

There are Adobe Photoshop free textures, brushes, Photoshop and Illustrator patterns, backgrounds, vector images, packs.

Jay also posts workflow tips about Photoshop and Illustrator to help designers work faster. You can learn Saving Patterns in Illy, Pixelated Fonts, about Dynamic Burberry Text in Illustrator, there is Photoshop tip for the layers palette for rasterizing shape layers combining layer effects at the same time, find out why your brushes look pixelated, and much more.

On Bittbox you will find 35 Free Abstract Illustrator Brushes, Grunge music, Fur, Tree bark, Rainy day, Light grunge, Concrete and lots of more different textures.

Some rare and original freebies are given away in some kind of contests to commenters. First three commenters gets resource, first five,

It can be useful to check Jay’s website from time to time.